By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Boulders to be installed alongside Marsh Lane; W&L access through Joe Dancer Park until March 1

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Sounds good to me!


And this is the area where the city wants to build the community center across the street? Yikes! I will have second thoughts about going there because of the potential dangers.


"Activating giant rug to sweep homeless under".

Bill B

Nope-they are just moving to Rivergate Street and beyond

M. Lazzeri

Are the rocks deputized?


Is that the best we can do to fix a problem?
I suggest to raise local taxes so we can by more boulders to add to the next street and the next, and the next ... !


The number of motorhomes parked on the McDaniel street side of Wortman park has greatly increased as a result of the Marsh street boulders. Bad news for kids who have to walk down McDaniel to school and for nearby home owners. Just moving the problem is not a solution.

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