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Bird knocks McMinnville power out

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Must have been a really big bird.


Sounds like the power grid in McMinnville is pretty fragile if one bird can knock out a whole section of the city.


That bird must have been BBQ'd!


Actually, many costly circuit breakers are the mark of a top notch system typical of PUD's. Privately owned systems for profit, e.g. PGE, skimp on circuit breakers resulting in wildfires, a short burns away the offender whether bird or branch.


Mac Water and Light does a great job keeping our grids small and our lights on. A bird or a squirrel in a substation isn't anyone's fault. After growing up in Grand Ronde, I'm always impressed by how rarely the power goes out, how little of the town loses power in each incident, and how quickly it's resolved. Once a year for under an hour is pretty darn good. They deserve our thanks.

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