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Bierly adds seating, vax only

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So, people who are unwilling to take an experimental vaccine are trolls.


They probably wouldn't want your sunny disposition patronizing their business in the first place. Stick with the intellectual Bundy family in Idaho.


Do you want some dressing with your word salad?


Go back to sleep.


We've trying to go to this place but the hours are so limited we couldn't get our Groupon used. Looks like they really don't want business that bad.

Joel R

They sound a little to "woke" for my liking. But glad to hear their business is still doing good.


Experimental vaccine huh Rotwang. It’s hardly experimental as it’s now been around for 2 years and injected in millions of people.
But go ahead & keep up your narrative of ignorance. It’s you & others keeping this pandemic going.
I fully support businesses not wanting to deal with I unvaccinated people. It’s their choice to try & protect their staff, just as it’s your choice to go elsewhere!


A narrative of ignorance indeed – with footnotes of gratuitous vitriol and pointless snark. Some comments seem intended only to provoke and inflame for the sole perverse pleasure of the flame thrower. Apparently anonymity is the perfect protection from consequence or culpability? One can’t help but wonder if certain absurd and malicious comments would be comfortably spewed in person? Not likely.


Newsflash Rotwang - if you get Covid and hospitalized, the treatment there will also be experimental. You gonna reject that also?


I won't be going there.


Now that we know vaccinated people can easily spread the new variants of Covid, as expected if one just followed the science of vaccination and respiratory diseases with animal reservoirs like the flu, I don't understand this persistent discrimination of vax vs. unvaxxed in establishments such as these or the workplace.

I am vaccinated and waiting to see what comes of later boosters targeted at new future variants (again - as expected) but am dumbfounded by the logical inconsistencies running unabated today like some of the policies we see from both business and government.


By all means, let's return to those halcyon days of polio, diphtheria, TB, tetanus, smallpox, typhus, malaria and whooping cough. Wander through a pioneer cemetery and notice seven or eight miniature stones marking the ones who never had a chance to grow up. Oh, wait...we now have vaccines for those old assassins.


And who exactly is advocating that? No one. The subject at hand is mandates and discriminating against unvaccinated individuals in restaurants and people being fired from their job. Can a vaccinated person get Covid? Yes. Can a vaccinated person transmit Covid? Yes. Where is the logic in such delineation?

Unfortunately, Covid cannot be eliminated via vaccination like Smallpox. It is a respiratory virus like the seasonal flu with ample animal reservoirs (pets, cattle, deer) and mutates. Omnicron is now replacing Delta as the dominant American variant. Thousands of variants are catalogued - they only get a 'letter' after reaching a critical mass of concern. The vaccine currently available was developed for the original variant that emerged two years ago.

There was a Seahawk game tonight that was delayed until a Tuesday due to vaccinated NFL players and staff catching and passing it among themselves. This type of delay is now common in the sports world.

Covid is endemic and the sooner we accept that and stop politicizing it to bash our political opponents the better. I remember Democrats saying they didn't trust a Trump vaccine in 2020 including our current vice president [“But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it. I’m not taking it.” - see link]. Now they mandate it for employment and business access.


Your final point needs a bit of context to be the time, the trump administration was putting heavy pressure on the FDA to approve the vaccine quickly and Biden stated that the vaccine needed to be evaluated “ free of political influence “ was the Trump admin that politicized the response to Covid with his position on mask use.
There are proven heath benefits for those that have been vaccinated....much better outcomes with breakthrough infection and a substantial reduction in spreading the virus. Those that choose not too, have that right, but also should understand the consequences of their of which is not being welcomed in all private businesses.


Great, Rob--You feel free to witness people choking to death (while being aware at the same time) or losing their arms and legs to gangrene; somehow being a Democrat or Republican or a MAGA doesn't matter. COVID is not endemic--people fully vaccinated may contract the virus but, by and large, will experience a milder case without a one-way trip to the ICU. After the first death, as Dylan Thomas wrote, there is no other.
Such a shame about your Seahawks.



Covid's likely becoming endemic unfortunately.

I am vaccinated. For those not, that are in risk categories, I'd recommend it (as I've said before). However, as a vaccinated person, given the British data, it makes no difference to myself if I am around someone vaccinated or unvaccinated [same risk of contraction]. That is why limitations at work and a business make little sense to me.

I am alarmed though at this fascination with authoritarianism I see from the Left in our country. Steadily, our personal freedoms are eroding (speech, assembly, employment, bodily autonomy ..) in a drip by drip fashion. Mandate after mandate mixed with a little Marxism. We always heard the hysterics about Trump and authoritarianism but all he did was some crazy tweeting. What I see from Democrats is real and is affecting people's lives and livelyhoods.

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