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Bicyclist struck; motorist charged

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Why was he released? Is that the procedure we can expect here in Yamhill County where you can gravely hurt a child and still be free until your eventual day in court?! I hope not and I have to question as to whether or not young John Joseph Kemp poses a threat or not? Should we take that chance?


Covid is the answer Hibb. He never went to jail but rather was cited and released from the scene. The jail will only accept certain level offenders at this time so the streets are filled with people who before Covid would have been in jail.


It's just amazing to me that he is free. Can't the prisoners wear masks? Because its mandated and so very effective then there should be no problem him going to jail and wearing a mask.....scaring the crap out of the drunk driver so he'll never want to go back to jail is an effective tool.


Covid-schmovid... but is the public safe with the accused being set free rather than detained? We need to somehow get past the excuse of the pandemic and start housing those that have found it difficult to live out here without hurting others; by providing them a place to eat, sleep and wait... for their day in court.

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