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Berschauer pushes gun sanctuary

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Spartan 3

Berschauer better go back and read the oath of office she took just over a month ago. It didn't say uphold the laws that she agrees with, it says uphold the laws - period. This is once again just wasted time and resources when the county is in desperate need of leadership. Of course, she has to be true to her campaign contributors, including Mary Starrett's brother Kevin. Berschauer is simply being used by Starrett to forward the interests of her and her brother. BTW, isn't a commissioner (or any elected official for that matter) suppose to uphold and support ALL the amendments to the constitution? Starrett's mini-me strikes again.


Nice try. Actually, Sparty, the oath goes like this (ORS 294.615):

"I, ________, being first duly sworn, depose and say that

for the term of ___ year (s), to which I have been appointed as a member of the tax supervising and conservation commission for ______ County, I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of my said office; that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Oregon and all laws passed in pursuance of either; ..."

A I read it, the county commissioner is obligated to uphold laws passed in pursuance of the state and federal constitutions. What the SASO does is to attempt to discourage enforcement of laws which are repugnant to either or both constitution, as the bills currently being fast-tracked in Salem are most certainly. I applaud Berschauer for following her oath of office to the letter, and for introducing this ordinance.

Your rambling personal attacks at the end are not appreciated, either.


It sure was a nice try. You point out in her oath she ‘...will support the constitution of the state of Oregon and all the laws passed ...’. You also forget to mention it is your ‘opinion’ the new laws are repugnant to the constitution. Why should Lindsay and Mary (Kevin) think they alone should be writing laws? They were not elected to do this. You seem to be a good example of reading something completely different than what is reality. Try re-reading the oath you are quoting.


I am truly scared. We are being taken over by right-wing, conspiracy worshiping people who want nothing more than to see every citizen walking around Wal-Mart carrying an AK 47. Sinclair Lewis wrote that when fascism comes to America it will be carrying a cross and wearing a flag.


Drew, that delusion sounds like something that therapy can help.

Spartan 3

Well Rotty, actually you got it wrong. The oath of office that Berschauer took is on video on her facebook page. "I, Lindsey Berschauer, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the State of Oregon and the laws thereof, and that I will faithfully and honorably discharge the duties of Yamhill County Commissioner to the best of my ability, so help me God". Unfortunately she thinks that - on the taxpayers dime - her "duties" are to take cues from Starrett and her brother. This proposed ordinance is a clear attempt to direct county employees(including law enforcement) to NOT obey the "constitution of the State of Oregon and the laws thereof" just because she and Starrett don't agree with a particular law. Just to be clear, I am a responsible gun owner, and I also served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States. I am so tired of the extremism. We saw enough of that in Washington on January 6th and Portland all summer long. Starrett and Bershauer need to grow up and stop serving their own interests. They were elected to run the county and serve all the citizens. They need to start doing it or failing to abide by their oath of office may have serious consequences. BTW, Drew1951 and yamhillbilly2 I agree with you.


Have the Mean Girls been replaced by The Coven?


Thank you, Spartan 3. And to Rotwang: I have seen many posts that fall within what I consider to be delusional. My post was merely an opinion that I strongly believe in. By the way, I am not crazy, my mother had me tested!


Sparty, then she is still obligated to follow the Oregon constitution as written, which stands against the present firearms restrictions before the legislature. I am concerned, however, that her oath of office was not in standard form.


A bunch of hot air that does absolutely nothing for the citizens of Yamhill County. Sad.

Spartan 3

You're right madmacs, it does nothing for the citizens - except waste time and taxpayer money. For someone who campaigned on supposedly saving money, her track record so far has produced the opposite. Voters should have paid attention to the fact that when she went on to the Newberg Rural Fire Board the property taxes in that district tripled. But, hey, when your boyfriend is an officer with TVF&R then you do what you have to do.


R-So in your enlightened view the constitution of Oregon has to followed strictly as written? Once again, nice try. Nowhere is it in our constitution that sitting county commissioners which laws they will enforce based on their personal opinions. There is a legislative process to be followed if you don’t agree with a new law or ordinance. File a suit and let the courts decide. Mary & Kevin probably impressed upon Lindsay they don’t intend to lose on their investment in an outsider rolling in and getting elected with their help. After all where is Heidi these days? Seems she left right after her lost bid to be mayor. They really wanted to expand their control of Yamhill County and they have too much invested in Lindsay. Lindsay probably seemed like a great prospect when she was living with our state legislator who attacked his teenage son with a hammer and wound up resigning. Lindsay was trying to get appointed to fill out his term after that. She failed and suddenly showed up in Carlton. I’m sure Mary/Kevin were pleased.


Our county commissioners should focus on things which affect our citizens in their daily life.

Example 1: How about making the intersection of 18 and Lafayette Highway a priority by working with ODOT?

Example 2: Advocating for small businesses relief from taxes and undue processes to get them in a financially stable position during Covid.

Example 3: Protecting our children by advocating for state funding for more Law Enforcement and child abuse advocacy centers.

Example 4: Providing incentives for a business friendly environment to bring more jobs to Yamhill County.

I'd love to hear ideas from others... and a funny thing about my firearms of which I own plenty...nobody has ever tried to take them from me so please quit wasting time on a fabricated fear.


So hard to decide what my favorite part of this is. Is it how totally ineffective the SASO would be, or is it how we just walked away from the Trail because MS and LB didn't want to spend money on court battles but this is a court case just waiting to happen, or is it how the Sheriff clearly said he didn't support this last time it came up (and this one is more extreme than the last proposal), but LB and MS obviously don't care what he thinks, OR, is it how this whole thing is orchestrated by MS's brother over at OFF, but cool cool because LB submitted it so there's that deniability right there. I'm sure MS and LB have been extremely careful to not discuss having this brought forward since LB was sworn in, right? It's a good show though -- and it'll definitely help LB when she decides to run for the next elected office. Think she'll wait out her whole term here?


No mention was made of the over 1000 proponent's who took the time to submit testimony and the less then 100 opponent's. Just like the comments here probably don't represent the majority of citizens who elected these commissioner's but most likely represent the liberal bias of the news register and the fact that many don't wish to subscribe which is a requirement to submit comment here. I do commend the News register for publishing both sides in many of their stories and commentaries and hope they continue this. I also note that many Liberals feel the need to attack personally instead of providing facts to support their arguments .


Based on recent descriptions of the last Meeting of the commissioners it was Ms Berschauer that was doing the attacking without facts......Did you note that too?

This sanctuary designation does nothing to advance the safety or business efforts of the vast majority of county residents. This is a personal pet project of Starrett and as TTT noted above, there are plenty of more important issues in the county to address.

Jeb Bladine


Interesting to assume liberal bias in N-R website comments because posting a comment requires a $2 subscription. That requirement, however, is not about politics; it was established as a means to manage and limit the kind of destructive and often libelous commentary that caused many newspaper websites to eliminate online reader comments altogether.

As for reporting the pro-con letters, please note the Feb. 23 date of publication for this article. It was an initial report on plans for the county debate, prior to any knowledge of public response to commissioners. Information on that response is included in the Feb. 27 article that reported on the Thursday commission hearing.


Starrett reporting statistics has a history of truth bending. Remember she's the one who knows better than health professionals. Conspiracy theories, etc. If the numbers are even close to accurate, how many of them are from outside the county? The fact is that this whole entire effort is a complete waste of time and money when there are way more important things to be dealing with.


Wake me up when she's gone.


So.... our 1000 letters of support are total BS. With Kevin’s help Mary has once again tried to pull off mass deception. Remember her fist gun ordinance? She tried to get it passed included testimony from individuals who drove 4 hours to get here. Why do they not seem to be working for county residents? Why do we have to cater to Kevin Starrett? I love the suckers who bite on Lindsay’s foolish story of being charged with a class 4 felony for being pulled over in the library parking lot. Scare tactics and total BS!

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