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Beaver dam blamed for Lafayette sewage spill

According to City Administrator Branden Dross, some debris clogged the drain station’s wet well pumps which caused a backup and overflow at a clean-out in the piping system. Dross said the spill did not affect the city’s drinking water. However, he said, about 6,000 gallons of untreated sewage spilled into a body of water at 260 South Madison Ave., starting about 9 p.m. Sunday.

Public Works crews cleared the intrusion, stopping the overflow by 11 p.m., Dross said. The city is asking residents to avoid the marked sections of the waterway and obey all signs to avoid contact with the waterway in the area. Staff will continue to take water samples and any bacteria at the site should be flushed out of the water body in the next few days.

“Everyone can do their part to prevent sewer backups and overflows by keeping sewers free of fats, oils, rags, and grease. If you see an overflowing manhole or wish to report a spill, please call the City Hall at 503-864-2451 or Yamhill County Dispatch 503-434-6500 after 5 p.m.,” Dross said.



Better call Tom Orr

Angela Flood

Leave it to Lafayette to be the first place ever that a beaver swims in sewage, treated or otherwise, to build a dam.


Why was a Beaver swimming in sewage and long enough to build a dam without anyone noticing? This seems odd.


Go Beavs!!

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