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Bargaining continues between McMinnville teachers, district

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Christmas has Talons

There is one really good thing that came from the Corona virus and that is people are realizing they can educate their own children or can access distance learning so they don't have to send their children to substandard schools being held hostage by the teacher's union.

Don Dix

From the article --'In terms of salary, the union proposal seeks a 3% cost-of-living adjustment in the first year and 4% in each of the subsequent two years, along with step increases each year for added experience and education.' -- and -- “School financing in Oregon continues to be up and down, because it’s funded with property taxes,”

So does anyone see that these numbers cannot work out? Oregon's (and McMinnville's) property tax bill has a plus 3% ceiling. Any demand for anything more than 3% is basically deficit spending. And there was no mention of benefits, which add considerably to the total yearly compensation per position. Doesn't anyone have a basic grasp of the math?

And remember, if these negotiations go nowhere, resulting in another strike, then striking signs will plead 'It's about the kids' (which seem to be fundamentally missing from the negotiator's concerns at this point).


@Christmas has Talons One really (super) good thing that came from the Corona virus and that is people (parents, caring parents) are realizing how undeserved and underpaid teachers are. You must not have kids in the school system, otherwise you may have noticed this.


Individual property taxes being capped at a 3% yearly increase, which is a good thing, does not mean the tax revenue is capped at 3% yearly. This is due to new growth and last I checked Mac is growing significantly.
Our schools are hardly substandard. Our teachers salaries certainly are.

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