By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Bakery offers free loaves to those in need

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What an uplifting story! Thank you Great Harvest. There is nothing "small" about your generosity.


Another business I will go out of my way to purchase from!


Thanks GHB, I will visit your business more frequently in the future. Way to set an example and keep people working.


Nice thing to do. But would be even cooler if it were done quietly and without trying to get publicity for it.


Why not let people know what they are doing....??....It’s a great thing to do, with or without the coverage....

Reporter Starla Pointer

For the record, Joel, I approved Great Harvest about how they were already helping the community -- they didn't call me, wanting to blow their horn.


Just curious Joel, what made you think the company was "....trying to get publicity?"

Thanks for setting the record straight, Starla. I have become somewhat acquainted with the staff at the bakery and they all seem like earnest dedicated community-oriented people. I always enjoy their delicious healthy offerings and was not even slightly surprised to read about their generosity.


Tree, Hate to admit it but it eas just a rush to judgement on my part. I just assumed they had found a way to get a little free advertising. Im glad Starla corrected me.


Joel - you may not have been the only one who had that thought, so your comment ultimately provided the opportunity for clarification, and even some additional positive information about Great Harvest. Appreciate your candid response.

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