By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Attorney sentenced for theft

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"If I've taken anything that didn't belong to me...."

Wow! She didn't accept responsibility and show remorse during her statement. Just wow.

Glad to hear she isn't likely to practice law any further.


I certainly don't understand her statement. What a non-apology apology. She should be disbarred.


Great article Nichole. Thanks for all the details.

Wow, it's hard to think of someone falling so far.... from being an attorney to being locked up in a cage for 30 days with some pretty scary people. I hope she lays there on her bunk, stares at the ceiling and hits bottom emotionally and spiritually so that she really comes to grips with the severity of what she did.


Lawyers and judges have always been as corrupt as the people they stand in judgement over and represent.


So she stole $20,000+ from "a grieving sick widow", a client who trusted her, showed zero remorse or even really acknowledged what she did, and she gets 30 days in the county jail? Even though it's part of "a pattern of behavior"? Oh, and she gets to choose her own check-in time because she's on antibiotics. Is there some reason the jail staff can't deliver those to her like they do every other inmate with a medical condition? With her financial resources and legal knowledge (not to mention her friendships with the judges, which is apparently the most important factor in this case) she's been able to keep her case alive and her plainly (numbers don't lie) guilty ass out of jail for a year and a half already. It's not like she didn't have to time to plan and prepare herself for jail.

It's great that she's being disbarred, but pretty much every criminal loses their job when they go to jail/prison. Basically her sentence amounts to being away from home for a maximum of 30 days--which will almost certainly be reduced for "good behavior" and overcrowding (have to make room for those petty thieves and shoplifters who aren't rich white lawyers with powerful friends). But what does that do for the family she robbed? What about the year and a half of stress and misery she put on an old woman who'd just lost her husband, for the sake of enriching herself and then avoiding a ridiculously mild punishment? Is the victim even going to get her money back, or is this pathetic nonpology it for her?

This isn't anywhere near justice. Justice would be holding the people with the most power to the highest standards and sentencing them accordingly. This woman assumed that she could use her power to take whatever she wanted without really being held accountable, and the court has rewarded her by proving her right. What a disgrace.


I agree with 99% of what you said Bonny.... But I was a little surprised at your racist comment. Not cool. Do you have any evidence that her being "white" had anything to do with the sentence she received?


@Joel I think race is the only thing that matters nowadays ! Forget if something is right or wrong - just throw race or misogyny or xenophobic words around and yell and scream even louder. That will surely lead to progress for our utopian dream!

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