By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Amity motorist sent to prison on negligent homicide plea

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Welcome to legal pot


6 years is not enough time, for a lifetime of hurt and grief that the family of MR. Rivera will have to endure. be responsible don't use drugs or alcohol before driving or find a ride. Mr. Macken feeling like his family is a victim is by far the furthest from making you a victim your daughter killed an innocent man with her neglect and her inconsideration for others on the road even for her own children she deserves to be in prison at least you get to hold her in your arms again at least you get to hear her voice again spend time with her. Mrs. Cardona will never have her husband because of the choices your daughter made that day.


Elections have consequences. When Oregon voters chose to legalize pot they also chose to increase the number of people who die on the roads. Sad.


Look our pot dealing County Commissioner......This is what it has come to.


macgreg... drinking and driving can and often times do, kill too. Should we make alcohol illegal again? How about cellphones?


Any death is tragic.

And nobody should drive impaired.

But to compare the human cost of alcohol vs marijuana is laughable and only the ignorant would make such a comparison.


Sadly, many people were already driving under the influence of marijuana way before it was legalized.

It's called being responsible. There's a time and a place for everything, but there is never a right time to drive under the influence of a alcohol or marijuana.

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