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Amity council, citizens say 'no' to Dollar General

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What sane person would say no to a store where all items are a dollar each? So let the dollar store in Mac suck the blood out of your town instead.


Who wants it here either? What an eyesore.


Well....all the good stores are outside of Mac anyway and blocked by our wise city council. But we are world champions in tasting rooms. We all have to drive a lot for all the good stores. No competition here and the highest gas prices of the region


Is Kris Bledoe an Amity resident? Or did she just go out their to give the small town folks some educatin' on what's acceptable and what's not.


she says it gonna suck the blood right outa ya. Good grief.


I know Amity fancies itself a charming little wine village but a friend and I have enjoyed great fun conducting our own little “Amity Tour of Homes” for out-of-town guests. The Amity Tour of Homes is kind of like the Portland Street of Dreams — just without the money, the class or the dreams. We showcase the Pepto-Bismol-pink homes, the homes with plastic flowers and toilets on the front lawns and — my personal favorite — the house where a visitor must pass through no less than seven gates to reach the front door, which lies probably 12 feet from the curb.

So while I despise the hideous, mildew-streaked, backlit-plastic signs favored in this area, I think Amity might turn its sartorial attention to certain other matters before worrying too much about one more ugly sign. But you’re right, Joel 2828. Kris Bledsoe can be more than a bit of an Eeyore.


Dollar stores are a cheaper version of Wal-Mart, the ultimate cancer in this country.

Good for Amity for rejecting this plastic, garbage store.


More communities should reject these box stores that are owned by out-of-state corporations. They syphon local dollars out of the local community. Support locally own business where the money stays in town, county and state.


On the other hand, I resent shopping locally (local is incorrect) if most of the merchandise originated in Bangladesh or Myanmar or China.


Guess you better stay clear of all Nike gear.....


There are plenty of made in America options. American Giant for casual clothing, All American Clothing, American Apparell etc. A lot of New Balance shoes are made in America.

It’s more expensive, yes, but the quality difference is painfully obvious. I’d rather have two well made go to sweatshirts that last forever that supports American workers vs 10 cheap garbage ones that don’t. I buy American Giant stuff for my family and they love it. It’s basically indestructible stuff.

Nike and Under Armour is cheap junk made overseas.


North Face,Columbia, Carhart, Eddie Bauer.....LL Bean, Orvis, Levi Strauss, Lee brands....even Trump junk? Not really.....


Sure, if you like hiking gear.

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