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Along the Street: Turkey Rama will take different form

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Mac Native 66

I would say that this division started some time after 1999. If any blame is to be brought, it's from all the snob shops that have moved in and turn third street into a snooty place. Since 1999, I have lost interest in doing any business on third, other then going to Boersma's. A few years ago they tried to change the name to Hazelnut festival but to no avail.
>Trying to kill off Turkey Rama would be like removing the whistle from the Farmers Co-op Creamery or turning down the volume to the clock on Pioneer Hall, a big shame and disgrace to our community.


Any NR employee reading now Mon nite 8.25

Is electronic version of paper posted for download. I need my N R fix 😜


Oh what a relief it is. Newsregister is available. Thanks.

Don Dix

The 'decision makers' have been chipping away @ Turkey Rama for some time -- changing from 3 days to 2, charging shop owners for space in front of their business, 'uninviting' several travelling merchants, moving the rides around (mostly away from 3rd), etc, The service clubs (Lions, JayCees, and Rotary) used to have an unspoken, yet noticeable competition for hungry attendees. Recently, those clubs have faded or completely disappeared from the event.

One event that has been shelved is the Fireman's Dance (formerly known as the Blossom Dance), which in the past has drawn thousands -- and also helped fill the coffers of the Fire Dept.

Mac Native 66 -- the person responsible for the whistle @ Farmer's Co-op was 'let go' after 27 years at the plant -- and the whistle became silent.


I miss the whistle. It was charming. Bring it back.

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