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Air show plans on course, despite turbulence

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Hmmmmmmmmmm, not sure about this. Good for economy, but Hwy 18 is already a nightmare every day. The congestion out there by the hospital...September, tinder dry, fireworks...


18 will be a parking lot. I live on west side of Dayton. 15,000 people with planes in the air all weekend sounds like a nightmare to me.


Oh, I'm sure we all will enjoy the noises, the air pollution. And don't forget the fire risk at this time of the year and a possible danger coming along with such a show near a hospital. I'm wondering what is the real reason to relocate to Mac from Hillsboro. Maybe too much head wind from the citizen for the above reasons ? Who knows. But it's all right as long as the money is right.


Sounds like a great opportunity for McMinnville. I suppose a lot will be learned the first year and should help to plan for the years to come if the show stays in Mac. Local businesses should also get a boost in revenue that weekend.
As far as the naysayers....if you think it'll make your life a true "nightmare" as stated for that 72 hours out of the year, four months advanced notice should be plenty of time to make plans to avoid the area if you feel the need. I would think.
The benefits outweigh the negative in my opinion.


So just lets cross fingers that nothing serious will happen like 2006 in Hillsboro and many others worldwide.


...and all the sick in the hospital don't have the chance to avoid the area. I can think of a lot other events to make money for city and county


I guess if all event decisions were based on hypotheticals, we'd never have any. Planes fly in and out of the airport year round, and the hospital is still ok. Neither runway in is the direct flight path of either runways.If that were a major concern, they could place a flight restriction over the hospital, fairly simple. It may already have been discussed.


15,000 to 30,000 people would be comparable to the population of Newberg being at the airport all weekend. Fair attendance in 2017 was 38,000 over four days. So similar impact. I like living in a small town because I like a quiet life. I think I can be forgiven for dreading an event like this taking place less than three miles from my house😊 However I know I have no say in this but I should be allowed to grumble a bit.


Work out the kinks.....this is a good thing....


Imagine what St. Paul goes through every year for a week. I think McMinnville can handle it for a day or three


Frankly, I'd worry more about Dayton.


I have mixed feelings about an air show at our municipal airport.
Would it bring revenue to our community... absolutely! Would it be a fun 3 day event... again, absolutely!
However, in my mind, here is the tradeoff:
Thousands of gallons of avgas residual will be dropped down from the sky to coat our homes, vehicles, pets, and our families with toxins. Not to mention our farmer’s fields, whose food we consume! We also get to suck all of the nauseous fumes into our lungs. (Then we wonder why cancer is on the rise.)
This especially affects those of us that live on or along Three Mile Lane! Specifically the Kingwood and Olde Stone Village areas.
The times that jets have taken off or landed at the airport have caused both my, and my neighbor’s windows to shake, almost the point of cracking. The noise and vibration cause our pets to run for cover! 
I, for one do not look forward to 16 hours of it, and that does not count the arrival and practice time.
Getting out onto the highway is a problem now, and that is with the regular traffic flow. I can only imagine what it will be like with the speed limit lowered to 15 mph, and the increased traffic of the supposed “capped off” 15,000 people! (How? Might I ask, will you be able to cap it off at 15,000?)
With this event, you can throw in the usual crowd that insists on drinking and driving. (Or driving impaired) I hope that your loved one is not a victim of someone’s poor decision to do so.
Maybe instead of ramrodding something like this through, you should ask all of the voters who pay their taxes, how they feel about it first!


Please don’t assume that because the City Manager thinks it’s a good idea to have this event, that the entire community he manages thinks it’s a good idea!
If it’s going to “pump” 5.5 million into our local economy, maybe the tax payers should have their tax bills lowered or credited for putting up with the problems and or situations that will occur during this event.
With all of that said, (Not that my opinion means much in lieu of 5.5 million dollars pumped into the economy!)... but, I’m just saying!


Shasta: Yes, PLANES fly in and out all year.. NOT JETS!
Huge difference!!
Also, the people who live in that area cannot avoid it!


Woodcutter...well said. By the way 15000 visitors and 5.5 Mio. Each visitor has to spend $ 366. Maybe another naive miscalculation ?


How far will this city bend over for $$$?


Watching an airshow is one of the last ways left to get a thrill with the "out of an overabundance of caution" mentality we live with today. what is wrong with the correct amount of caution? I live in approach path of the small business jets for Mcminnville airport and it is what it is.

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