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Air show back in McMinnville

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Great more out of towners clogging up the roads


I’m sure most will agree that the economic boost this event gives to the community outweighs the traffic inconvenience for a couple days...”out of towners” equal $$ for local business...


I realize the limited space at the airport has to be compensated by higher entrance fees per vehicle, but those prices should discourage all but the most fanatical or wealthy attendees, which is unfortunate.

Together with the museum passes, the Evergreen deal seems much more reasonable. I hope it will be a success for them.


rumple...$150+ admittance price does seem steep but if my vehicle brings in 5 people that puts each person's entry at $30. i can't remember the ticket price in 2019. seems reasonable plus i can bring in food and drink too which can be expensive at events. feel bad though for organizations that depend on these events to generate revenue.