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After learning basics at school, shop students practice professional skills

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Great job Paolo Brothers for doing such a great service for our youth! Your passion for your own business and our local young people is to be commended. Thank you for what you do.


Thanks to the Paolo brothers for having the vision to initiate this program and using their time and resources to train these two. Best of luck to Marckus and Amos. Hope you two have rewarding careers. More kids need to be actually DOING things and not just sitting in class. Also, hat's off to Mac High for offering more 'hands on' classes.

fir tree

A great story about two brothers who come from a family that knows how to get things done. They started a business from scratch and have built it into a highly successful enterprise. They have consistently given back to their community(McMinnville) and their alma mater(Y-C High School) as a show of gratitude for the success they enjoy. An outstanding business model and a local example of the American dream.


This story just makes me happy. It's so important for local professionals and trades people to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs and craftspeople. People who have the skills to serve people like me. My electrician complains that bringing on new electricians is difficult because it takes about four-years to make a licensed electrician from start to finish. He never seems to have enough electricians.

School programs that work with the business community are vital for a healthy local economy in the future. Trades and craftspeople can't be outsourced. Kudos to Paolo Brothers for investing in our youth and paying it forward.

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