Additional groups call for change at Linfield

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It feels to me like Davis and Bacca are playing by the Ralph Northrup/ Andrew Cuomo rules of how to survive a crisis. Just refuse to step down, ignore it all long enough and it will eventually go away as people (and media outlets) have very short attention spans now days.

To get these two out it's going to take someone with a bulldog mentality. Someone like that female law professor at Stanford who got the judge recalled after he gave a cushy sentence to the swimmer boy that had raped an unconscious woman.


Just read the Wall Street Journal editorial piece (5/22) on this topic. Two things, first, WOW! McMinnville is mentioned in the WSJ! Second, it paints quit a different picture, more favorable of Dr Davis and much less so of Dr.Pollack-Pelzner and his liberal arts supporters at Linfield then what I've read in these pages. The context and background presented regarding Davis efforts to revitalize the University by focusing on the the more remunerative nursing and business depts. and the threat it was to the liberal arts folks prior to their campaign to have him removed was enlightening.


Here it the link to the Wall Street Journal Opinion piece yesterday, Sat, May 22: