By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Accused child sex abuser’s bail reduced; wife charged with hindering prosecution

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Why should this man get special treatment from the court? In fleeing and attempting to allude arrest he has proven himself to be a flight risk. His history proves he is a risk to others if released. He has an arrest and conviction record going back decades which is indeed germane in evaluating and setting conditions for his release.


I used to have respect for Mark Lawrence (even though he's an attorney) but his relationship with Miller has caused me to rethink that. Jacob Miller is a predator and to claim he's now changed because he's a "Christian" is unsettling, to say the least. A leopard cannot change its spots and Jacob Miller is the same opportunistic thug and pedophile that he's always been.


Don't believe a word Lawrence says about Miller's behavior. Miller repeatedly harassed and intimidated neighbors while residing in Lawrence's driveway and Lawrence turned a blind eye towards it. The city revoked the Lawrence's right to host the Millers in their RV due to many code violations and behavioral problems over the 4+ years they were camping there. If Lawrence proved his inability provide oversight in that capacity how on earth can he be entrusted with this?


Disgusting people. Mark Lawrence too!!


Any restrictions on him carrying his gun in public if released while out on bail? Or will the judge decide that at release time?

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