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280-lot addition wins preliminary approval

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Another ghetto in the works.


I think there would have been a better turnout if 377 pages of technical documentation had been made available to citizens - and possibly the commissioners - earlier. Stafford had months to prepare on a subject Stafford deals with daily. Citizens, who will be the most impacted long-term, had less than 2 weeks (including the major travel holiday of Thanksgiving) to digest 377 pages on a topic that most of them will only deal with once or twice in their lifetime. Seven applications, rolled into one presentation that I think even some of the commissioners found confusing, is a big chunk of material for neighbors to understand and prepare comments on. And yet, those are the people who have to live with the results while Stafford takes their profit and moves on. Does the process work for local, tax-paying residents or for out of town developers? I hope the planning department, the planning commission and the city council remembers where their first responsibility resides.


This is great news!! Thank you so much planning commission. Livability is way over rated!
The traffic on our roads is so light and sparse these days. What we really need are more and more and more people to come fill our roads up with more and more and more cars. We gonna be like Hillsboro and Beaverton!! Yay!!!

Mike D

A ghetto of over a half a million dollar homes. Baker Creek/Evens and 2nd street the two main streets into town. We will be asking for better mass transit.


McMinnville is quickly turning into Beaverton! Now they just need a subdivision like Villebois of Wilsonville.


If you build it, they will come.


Lulu I’m on the plane back from San Jose. I think it might be a profitable business here on the West Coast selling fashionable tents and vagrancy supplies. Yamhill quickly turning into a hybrid Multnomah / California dystopian county :(


Mac is already turning into Beaverton with stabbings and Roy Rodgers Road like subdivisions !

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