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2015 Fall Sport Previews: Volleyball

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WHy no mention of returning 6'1 Kalli Dickey? She's a outside hitter and Nate will probably be an opposite (right) side hitter?


These girls are having tryouts this week....teams already set?? Sounds like it.


Sorry to vent but so tired of the mis-info form this paper.


The exclusion of Kalli was an oversight that will surely correct itself this season, as she looks ready to go for the fall. Varsity teams are not completely set by this point, but the coaches have a general idea of who has shown up to offseason workouts and what they have improved upon (and, consequently, what still needs work in a player's game). There is always opportunity for everyone on the squad, and the unknown (injuries, ineligibility, etc.) can drastically change the shape of a roster. However, with the season just two weeks away, it is fair to say that much of what makes for a competitive squad cannot be forged in two weeks. Thanks for commenting. RH


Additionally, if any inaccurate information has been placed into one of our articles, please contact managing editor Steve Bagwell at or myself at with your concerns, and we will troubleshoot the problem. Thank you. RH


Thank you RH. I understand it was an oversight. It was a frustrating moment reading the article. Kalli has varsity lettered as a freshman and sophomore. One of only 2 or 3 girls on this team to have that accomplishment. So it was hard at that moment reading the article. Thank you for your coverage of girls sports. In the past, it seemed not so important, and it is nice that you are trying to change that. It is appreciated.

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