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A muddy walk in the woods

Robert Husseman/News-RegisterRunners break from the starting line at the Miller Woods Trail Race on Saturday.
Robert Husseman/News-Register
Runners break from the starting line at the Miller Woods Trail Race on Saturday.

Mother Nature helped the Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District inaugurate Saturday’s Miller Woods Trail Race with a late June downpour.

The morning was cool and crisp, with a misting rain falling during the one-mile kids’ race – a pair of 8-year-old McMinnville natives, Jack Linder and Sam King, finished first (7 minutes, 53 seconds) and second (8 minutes, 5 seconds) respectively.
As 44 runners toed the line for the start of the four-mile trail race, rain began to fall steadily. Hundreds of feet of trails recently constructed in anticipation of the event turned to slop.

“The fast people got muddy,” observed Patti Kemper, a McMinnville resident and race participant. “The slow people didn’t.”

Josh Zielinski of Salem was the fastest of all on the day, completing traversing the hilly terrain in 25 minutes, 40 seconds. Ryan Marquardt of Hillsboro was the runner-up (27:24). McMinnville’s Ann Ciaverella was the first female competitor across the finish line; she clocked 30:59 for eighth place.

Competitors in the four-mile race ranged in age from 16 to 69; the two teenagers were Devon Wilson of McMinnville, 16 – a cross country and track athlete for the Grizzlies – and Logan Shamblin, 16, of Dallas. Wilson finished third, clocking 27:28, while Shamblin completed the course in 31:52 for 10th place.

“I think it’s cool that they’re just doing something out here,” Wilson said. “There’s so much land. All these trails, they’re perfect for running.”

For Kemper, 58, the event served as much more than a competitive outlet. It was a method of giving back to a cause her family believes in. In the case of Miller Woods, that means using the trails for recreational purposes.

“Especially on hot summer days, it’s really cool to go out on the trails,” she said. “When it’s really hot and you don’t want to be out on the open roads and stuff, it’s nice to come on the trails.”

On the antithesis of a hot summer day, Kemper slogged along with the rest of the field, completing the course in 49:09 (38th place) and enjoying the different views offered by the new trails.

“It’s a really cool place,” Kemper said. “I hope more people find out about it and come out here because it’s beautiful.”



Miller Woods Trail Race
June 28, 2014
Complete Results

4-Mile Trail Race
1: Josh Zielinski, Salem, 25:40
2: Ryan Marquardt, Hillsboro, 27:24
3: Devon Wilson, McMinnville, 27:28
4: Phil Demontigny, McMinnville, 27:34
5: Jonathan Muirhead, Tigard, 27:45
6: Tim Stieber, Sauk Centre, Minnesota, 28:42
7: Scott Dumdi, Yamhill, 30:06
8: Ann Ciavarella, McMinnville, 30:59
9: Richard Rendon, Dayton, 31:08
10: Logan Shamblin, Dallas, 31:52
11: Chris Wolff, Tigard, 33:02
12: Keath Paolo, Carlton, 33:20
13: Ryan Sparks, Salem, 33:29
14: Jim Insley, Dundee, 33:51
15: Michael Davis, McMinnville, 33:56
16: Randi Paolo, Willamina, 34:29
17: John Linder, McMinnville, 34:44
18: Rachit Gupta, Tigard, 35:04
19: Jason Mosiman, McMinnville, 34:44
20: Joel Kamph, Amity, 37:08
21: Riff Canaday, McMinnville, 37:55
22: Kattie Zielinski, Salem, 38:02
23: Gordon Sorenson, Beaverton, 38:52
24: Jake Katzler, Dayton, 39:08
25: Jeanne Marquardt, Hillsboro, 40:19
26: Tony Lai, McMinnville, 41:09
27: Alejandro Dittel, McMinnville, 41:26
28: Beverly Quenzer, Portland, 41:35
29: Sara Shoemaker, Carlton, 43:22
30: Margret Barry, Dundee, 43:24
31: Nathan Boyd, Forest Grove, 44:19
32: Jessica Larue, Gaston, 44:19
33: Rebecca Peed, McMinnville, 44:44
34: Emily Forest, Portland, 44:51
35: Dave Rucker, McMinnville, 44:52
36: Sarah Tollett, Sheridan, 45:35
37: Brandy Paolo, Carlton, 46:31
38: Patti Kemper, McMinnville, 49:09
39: Camron Dunn, McMinnville, 50:37
40: Myriah Martin, McMinnville, 53:54
41: Savannah Madigan, Salem, 55:32
42: Kirstin Madigan, Salem, 57:10
43: Susan Ripperton, McMinnville, 58:28
44: Nancy Payne, McMinnville, 1:21.06

1-Mile Kids’ Race
1: Jack Linder, McMinnville, 7:53
2: Sam King, McMinnville, 8:05
3: Kyle Spencer, McMinnville, 8:29
4: Morgan Lee, McMinnville, 8:34
5: Lillie Spencer, McMinnville, 8:40
6: Eli Paine, Yamhill, 8:53
7: Kasen Paolo, Willamina, 9:22
8: Kennedy Sparks, Salem, 9:45
9: Paisley Sparks, Salem, 9:45
10: Jewel McCullough, McMinnville, 12:00
11: Thea McCullough, McMinnville, 12:32
12: Sofia Frison, McMinnville, 13:34
13: Ava Frison, McMinnville, 13:35

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