Letters to the Editor - Feb. 15, 2013

Letters from Victoria Charbonnier, Emily Grosvenor Diesburg, Cheryl Presley, Gretchen Olson, Charles Strong, Tony Hartford

Letters to the Editor Feb. 8, 2013

Letters from Jane Kristof, Rick Hanson, Jim LeTourneux, David Terry, Ilsa Perse, Antoinette Marcel, Michael Pacheco

Letters to the Editor - Feb. 1, 2013

Letters from Sandra Ponto, Liz Marlia-Stein, Lew Somershoe, Charlie Montgomery, Jim LeTourneux, Scott Gibson, Dani Dennenberg

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 25, 2013

Letters from Brian Carlson, Mike Sullivan    

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 18, 2013

Letters from.Kirk D. Levi, Mike Dandy, Antoinette Marcel, Tammy Devine, Tony Hartford

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 11, 2013

Letters from Kathie Oriet, David Terry, Henry Reeves

Letters to the Editor - January 4, 2013

Letters Kris Bledsoe, Catherine A. Barnes and Joyce Siegel, John Scoltock, and Merilyn Reeves.

News-Register Letters Policy

The News-Register welcomes written opinions about issues of public interest and about the content of this newspaper. Letters from non-local writers are accepted only if they focus on local issues. Letters ...

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