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Mac school enrollment

As of Oct. 1, McMinnville School District enrollment was 6,488 — down only two from the same point last year, but down 56 from the projection the district built its budget around.

Compared with projections, enrollment is 50 students under at the elementary level, 10 under at the middle school level and four over at the high school level. Compared with actual figures from last year, it is two under at the elementary level, 17 over at the middle school level and 17 under at the high school level.

By grade level, enrollment is at:

K — 501, compared to 510 last year, 549 projected

1st — 534, compared to 437 last year, 510 projected

2nd — 431, compared to 487 last year, 450 projected.

3rd — 494, compared to 477 last year, 490 projected.

4th — 462, compared to 514 last year, 481 projected.

5th — 524, compared to 523 last year, 516 projected.

6th — 512, compared to 521 last year, 532 projected.

7th — 524, compared to 515 last year, 511 projected.

8th — 520, compared to 503 last year, 523 projected.

9th — 504, compared to 487 last year, 507 projected.

10th — 483, compared to 492 last year, 484 projected.

11th — 479, compared to 465 last year, 484 projected.

12th — 520, compared to 559 last year, 507 projected.

School districts keep close track of enrollment, both because it is crucial to deployment of staff and because state funding is allocated on a per-student basis. The state school funding formula also takes into account special needs, awarding extra money for students who need second language instruction, have disabilities or who are pregnant or parenting.

Mac school enrollment

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