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Evacuating with pets

No pet should be left behind in an emergency evacuation, experts say. When it’s time to evacuate, your pets are in as much danger as you are, and should be taken with you.

Toward that end, it’s important to include a pet emergency kit with the family evacuation kits, and to plan ahead where to stay, since many shelters won’t take pets. The kit should include:

n A list of the names, addresses and phone numbers of friends or family willing to care for pets in an emergency, along with a list of local boarding facilities and veterinarians, with 24-hour phone numbers.

n A two-week supply of food and water, with bowls.

n Leashes, harnesses and collars, with identification tags.

n Crates or carriers, for small animals.

n Veterinary records, especially proof of rabies shots, along with any medication the pet needs.

n A litter box and litter for cats, along with plastic bags, newspapers and paper towels for any needed cleanup.

n Favorite toys, treats and bedding to help reduce stress.

n A photograph of you with your pet, in case you become separated and need to document ownership, along with information about species, breed, color, gender and other characteristics.

n A pet firstaid kit, including a muzzle, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment and pet first aid pamphlet.

Evacuating with pets

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