Trump has escaped Washington, but don't call it a vacation

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — President Donald Trump would like to interrupt his vacation to deliver the following message: Don't call this a vacation.

Iraqi Shiite militia says 40 of its fighters killed in Syria

BAGHDAD  — A powerful Iraqi Shiite militia said Tuesday that at least 40 of its militiamen were killed in an attack the previous day on its positions across the border in Syria. The militia blamed the U.S.-led coalition for the assault but the Islamic State group claimed its fighters had targeted the militiamen.

North Korea vows harsh retaliation against new UN sanctions

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea vowed Monday to bolster its nuclear arsenal and gain revenge of a “thousand-fold” against the United States in response to tough U.N. sanctions imposed following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

Minnesota mosque explosion 'deeper and scarier' than threats

MINNEAPOLIS  — The Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in suburban Minneapolis, like other U.S. mosques, occasionally receives threatening calls and emails. Its leaders say they're more frightened now after an explosive shattered windows and damaged a room as worshippers prepared for morning prayers.

Ambushes by Indian troops, Kashmir rebels kill 4 combatants

SRINAGAR, India  — A pair of ambushes by Indian government forces and Kashmiri rebels early Thursday killed two soldiers and two militants in the disputed Himalayan region, police said.

GOP plan to slash legal immigration wins Trump's support

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has embraced legislation that would dramatically reduce legal immigration and shift the nation toward a system that prioritizes merit and skills over family ties.

Election company says manipulation in Venezuela vote turnout

CARACAS, Venezuela — The number of Venezuelans who participated in the election for an all-powerful constituent assembly was tampered with — off by at least 1 million votes — in an official count, the head of a voting technology company asserted Wednesday, a finding certain to sow further discord over the super-body that has generated months of nationwide protests.

Sessions: US prosecutors will help addiction-ravaged cities

COLUMBUS — The Justice Department will dispatch 12 federal prosecutors to cities ravaged by addiction who will focus exclusively on investigating health care fraud and opioid scams that are fueling the nation's drug abuse epidemic, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday.

Kelly wins praise across the aisle, but bigger task is ahead

WASHINGTON — Raised voices could be heard through the thick door to the Oval Office as John Kelly — then secretary of Homeland Security — offered some tough talk to President Donald Trump.

Emboldened Venezuelan government moves against opposition

CARACAS, Venezuela — Two of Venezuela's leading opposition figures were taken from their homes in the middle of the night by state security agents on Tuesday in President Nicolas Maduro's government's first moves against prominent enemies since a widely denounced vote granting the ruling party nearly unlimited powers.

Russia urges US to fix ties as it cuts US diplomatic staff

MOSCOW  — Amid a major diplomatic retaliation unseen since the Cold War era, Russia urged the United States on Monday to show the “political will” to repair ties.

Tourists evacuate N Carolina island; local businesses hurt

A “steady stream” of tourists left a North Carolina island Saturday under evacuation orders prompted by a widespread power outage, wiping out a significant chunk of the lucrative summer months for local businesses.

Wisconsin governor calls special session on Foxconn deal

MADISON, Wis. — A wide array of Wisconsin environmental regulations would be waived in an effort to speed up construction of a $10 billion Foxconn electronics factory under a proposal Gov. Scott Walker unveiled Friday.

North Korea 2nd ICBM test puts much of US in range: experts

PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korea on Friday test-fired its second intercontinental ballistic missile, which flew longer and higher than the first according to its wary neighbors, leading analysts to conclude that a wide swath of the U.S., including Los Angeles and Chicago, is now within range of Pyongyang's weapons.

US conservatism expands to final frontier: City Hall

DENVER  — For decades, a well-funded conservative group has helped state lawmakers across the U.S. write legislation to rein in unions, expand charter schools and lower taxes. Now, it's expanding to the final frontier: normally nonpartisan city halls and county governments, which have become a bastion of liberal resistance to President Donald Trump.

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