Elaine Rohse

"Rohse Colored Glasses:" Reflections on history and home life.

Rohse: Think you know how to breathe?

Apparently, there’s a wrong way What with all the flu, colds and other viruses making the rounds, you should perhaps also be on the alert for another affliction — one apparently almost as ...

Finetooth photo/Wikipedia##John Day River at Clarno. The water is high from spring rains and snow-melt. Clarno is about 109 miles (175 km) by water from the river mouth.

Rohse: No swimming hole ever measured up to John Day River

As with covered bridges, those wonderful old swimming holes are fast disappearing. As a kid, I was lucky. At Monument, we had the John Day River. Ever since, I have looked for a swimming hole of its ...

Rohse: There's so much knowledge to know

Despite being an educated person, you cannot know everything. And, with that in mind, here are bits of diverse knowledge you may not have yet acquired. Although it is true that these may not greatly increase ...

Rohse: Do you remember way back when?

Certainly, it is not wise to live in the past. But that’s not to say we shouldn’t enjoy the nostalgia of “Yesteryear McMinnville” — the l960s, ’70s, and before and after. Rohse ...

Rohse: Tripped up by dance etiquette

Emily Post, America’s etiquette guru, should have been dethroned because of the etiquette she devised for ballroom and public dances: The etiquette of gals submissively following male partners as ...

Plant seeds of bright new days

Every 24 hours, we wake up to a bright new day. Will we, then, just sit down, receive this day — and bask in its bright newness until it passes? Or will we give a bit of thought as to why this day ...

For those who speak French

I wish I were an accomplished linguist and could converse in Spanish, or Italian, or French — or even Russian — but I was somewhat disadvantaged at the outset. Our school at Monument offered ...

Good Friday wasn’t good at all

Good Friday, March 27, 1964, was not a good day. In Alaska it was not a good day. In California it was not a good day. And at Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon coast, it was the saddest day imaginable. Four ...

Homemakers take note

I’m far from being a Heloise or a Handy Mandy, so I’m always happy to increase my collection of household hints. And I’ve lately acquired some new ones I think are winners. I wish I’d ...

Shutterstock photoLou Gehrig is the favorite player of baseball enthusiest Dick Ulrich.

McMinnville statistician extraordinaire

For the love of baseball and records

Epidemic of the fear of the dark

I do not like the dark. I dread the coming of shorter days, when the darkness of mid-afternoon creeps in and takes away our day.

Remembering the wildflowers on Second St.

Plantings are beautiful, improve habitat and reduce maintenance

My body, my friend

Having talks can help keep you and your body on good terms

'Taps' when day is done

Interesting history to the 'saddest sound known to man'

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