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"Happy Tails:" Tales of the bond between humans and animals.

Happy Tails: Accentuate the positive behaviors

A while back I wrote a column debunking the dominance theory in dog training — the school of thought that in order to train a dog, one had to teach him that the person was in charge and he was not. ...

Ruling is a leap for non-mankind

I was trudging along on a Sunday morning not long ago, walking one of my dogs, when I heard the familiar voice of NPR’s Linda Wertheimer telling me about the fate of an orangutan named Sandra. It ...

Guidelines to choosing healthy chow for your pup

It’s that time of year: I have in hand the 2015 Whole Dog Journal list of approved foods for your dog. Which means I am once again about to plunge into the abyss of dog food labeling. Please take ...

Give the dog a bone — and a job

Good Citizenship 101 for dogs

Dominance and the alpha-dog myth

 Punishment-based training methods can be damaging 

In memory of a dog named Jack

Slug bait leads to untimely death of 'friend to all'


Do they feel our pain?

Study looks at whether dogs experience empathy

Tips for happy howlidays

Keep pets safe during festivities

Can therapy dogs help sick kids?

Study, currently underway, may provide proof

A service dog worth remembering

"Memory Assistance Dogs" are amazing at what they do

A perspective on pits

Recent attacks call for conversation, action

These dogs like to raise a ruckus

Seeking practical ideas to curb a dog's annoying barking

Smarter than your average dog

Is your pet among the brainiest breeds?

A dog-eat-sock world

This week’s topic column topic fell into my lap. I opened up my Sept. 5 Oregonian to the Living section and found an article by Tom Hallman Jr., “Dog’s Tale All About Socks,” and ...

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