By Carl Dubois • 

You look just like I remembered you

This is not a News-Register edition from 2011. We did not have an old newspaper delivered to your mailbox.

You are not caught in a time warp or a flashback. This indeed is the paper for Aug. 27, 2013.

So why are you looking at my face again? Why are you reading a Carl Dubois column again? Why does it say Back On Deadline above the headline right here on Page A10?

You ask good questions. Have you ever thought about a career in journalism? Ah, but I digress.

As you know if you carefully read Friday’s paper, Ben Schorzman left the News-Register at the close of business that day for a job at The Register-Guard in Eugene.

In two weeks another young, energetic, enthusiastic new sports editor will arrive and begin to take ownership of the desk and work station Ben occupied since I hired him to be a News-Register sports reporter in 2010. Between now and the arrival of the next sports editor, I’ll be helping to bridge the gap.

Some of the work will be done in the office. Some of the planning will occur at my on-again, off-again bureau, also known as Union Block.

Some of both will be done remotely, from my secret lair not unlike Batman’s cave, with the magic of mind-blowing technology at my disposal.

Mostly I hope to remain behind the scenes as I guide a new part-time staffer and some temporary help — with the assistance of virtually everyone in the News-Register office — through this brief transition.

But some of you will see me here and there or maybe even get a call from me. Important tip: I have a new cellphone number, so if you blocked the old one, you’ll need a new strategy to avoid me asking you a bunch of questions.

Now that we have that out of the way, I have to say you look great. You’re just the way I remembered you. I was here Friday for Ben’s going-away party, and in many ways it felt like I never left. There were echoes of my last day as sports editor, but a planning meeting with Ben and with others made it feel like a new beginning.

At one point in Ben’s farewell lunch a stone’s throw from the office, I found myself wondering if my former co-workers were looking at me and thinking, “Hey, we threw him a going-away party, and he wouldn’t go away!”
Well, that’s what they get for saying, “Don’t be a stranger.”

It’s an exciting time to be back in my old chair and looking at my old makeshift bookend, the power supply from my first desktop computer. It’s not plugged in, but it still looks the part.

I guess you could say that about me. After disconnecting from the daily duties as sports editor of the News-Register, it will take me a day or two to plug back in to the usual connections, but it’s a comfort to know they’re out there. To the new folks I don’t know, it will be nice to meet you.

The air is alive with the approach of another school year and the athletics seasons it brings. There are programs with championship trophies that have yet to collect dust, and the coaches and players are busy trying to add another.

There are programs still trying to find the blueprint to win one of their own.

There also are hundreds of local athletes who are going to work hard and have a lot of fun in sports. We look forward to doing the same.

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