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YES celebrates local cuisine with Bounty of the County

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"We talk about the high price of health care, which just keeps escalating, and one of the reasons is the high incidence heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity – all food issues. Hunger is an issue; we have food deserts where we grow food, but we ship it out. You can’t get fresh food; there is no place to get fresh vegetables, fruits and meats in places in rural Yamhill County.”

Wow, I hope somebody calls Sokol Blosser out on that one. Food choices, not lack of fresh food or "food deserts" contributes to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, etc. This isn't Angola. There's fresh and healthy food to be had all over the county. Shoot, Roths was selling fresh tomatoes for 99¢ a lb just this week. What does a bag of doritos, bottle of coke and a twinkie cost? Don't school kids also get breakfast and lunch? Kind of hard to be hungry on 2 Department of Education approved meals. You can also take your kids for free lunch during the summer.

I get so tired of people blaming others for their poor choices and outcomes.


two leading causes of dealth in healthcare: Heart Disease followed by cancer.

Better control of diet and exericise and organic is probably the best choice of stopping both of these.

i thought it funny the news rans a thing about organic this week. no more nutritional than non organic. HOWEVER.. if you talk about vitamins and minerals maybe not. But if you talk about toxins from chemicals you are talking a big difference. I have studies with the EPA that shows the big difference.

Chemincals stored in muscle tissue and other parts of the body can cause immune problems leaving a person with various illeness.


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