By Nathalie Hardy • Columnist • 

YCOM transition moves forward

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Huh? Something is going well and has produced good results and now it's going to be changed just because? Likely more expense, loss of services, and more drama. Smells like another expensive vendetta doesn't it?


I find it interesting that the most instrumental and knowledgeable person in this whole thing was not invited nor did he even know about this meeting. Why was he left out of it? Does his input not matter? Seems to me that they are trying to cut him out of it, which is a huge step in the wrong direction.


Mayor Olson is correct, Mr. Paolo should oversee the YCOM, this man is by far more than competent, he is quite capable of overseeing the YCOM system and still get those important County projects taken care of. And for future reference if his name is going to pop up in these meetings, the fair and decent thing to do is to have him attend these meetings.


There's really two issues here. First why would the commissioners exclude Paolo from a public meeting. Second why would they not want the most qualified person with the most accurate information in the room?

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