By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Y-C Elementary students see concert

CARLTON — A disco ball rotated, sending sparkles of light through the darkened Yamhill-Carlton Elementary School gym, as students took their seats for a royal command performance.

By raising more than $31,000 at the school’s annual jog-a-thon, they’d won the right to a concert featuring some of their favorite performers.

Last year, after another successful jog-a-thon, Principal John Horne fulfilled students’ dreams by dressing up as Justin Bieber. And baby, baby, baby, did the kids love that.

This year, students voted not only on which performers they wanted, but also which teachers would bring the singers to life.

“Mis-sus Schulze Mis-sus Schulze Mis-sus Schulze” students chanted as they waited, barely able to restrain themselves, for the concert to begin. They waved glow sticks in hot pink, cobalt, lime green, plum.

“Mis-sus Schulze Mis-sus Schulze Mis-sus Schulze” they cried, thumping the floor, louder and louder.

And Susie Schulze didn’t disappoint. Dressed up as a candy corn, the third-grade teacher joined candy-attired Vickie Fjelland, Tina Hoyt and Cindy Roberts for a rousing performance of “I Want Candy.” Students sang along, enthusiastically, with the chorus.

Another girls’ group, made up of Lupe Bjork, Tricia Stephens and Audra Imus sang a Carly Rae Jepsen song. P.E. teacher Jim Maine portrayed their “eye candy,” to whom the gold-clad singers sang, “Here’s my number, so call me maybe.”

The final act, much to students’ delight, came hopping in accompanied by a video clip from “Hop” — principal Horne wearing a giant rabbit mask.

The big bunny took over the drum set, only to be lured away by security guards wielding tempting carrots. Then Horne returned, dressed like a rock star, for “I Want.”

Teachers and other staff members said they were happy to give the students what they wanted. After all, they said, the youngsters had worked hard to raise funds for school activities and equipment.

“These kids are awesome,” said Bjork, Y-C elementary secretary.

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