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Wright kicks off legacy campaign

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The meeting was very informative. The 1.4 mil grant was discussed and the process we are going thru to get it. That first section should be purchased with that grant within the coming year. There is also another grant that we applied for to help build the trail. More funding will be needed to purchase the remainder of the rail corridor later.

However there was no discussion of putting rails back down on the rail corridor. And there are no plans to do so. The corridor will be used for walking, biking and horses for as far into the future as anyone can see.

Nathalie Hardy

Hi, Wolf -

I've been attending these meetings from the start and am quite sure the rails component has been on the table, though obviously for, way out in the future.

Perhaps I missed the meeting where that idea was crossed off the list? Even at early board of commissioner meetings on the subject the rail access was cited as one of the key aspects to benefit the county in the long run. So, while you are correct that it was not discussed at last week's meeting, it's been my understanding all along that it was part of the ultimate plan. I will look into clarifying that this week. If you have more information, please contact me. Thank you - Nathalie


I sure would like to ride a steam locomotive. That would be so cool. Have dinner and beverage. Maybe do one of those dinner/ murder mystery deals like up in Hood River...

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