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Wood trial set over to early January

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Have to know more. Were the dogs attacking something? Were they frequently on her property? Seems extreme based on the extremely limited information from this article.

Reporter Starla Pointer

Denise, you can find several earlier stories on this case by putting the defendant's name in the search box at the upper righthand corner -- Feb. 9, March 23 of this year and Nov. 24 and Dec. 5, 2016, for instance.


What is going on with this case? This latest rescheduling of her trial means it will be over a year since she killed the neighbor's dogs. What is the reason for the delay? Is she still trying to get her BS story straight? Her story changed drastically from her first TV interview to the first preliminary hearing. I am not a court proceedings expert so, can anyone out there help me understand why this keeps being delayed?


I smell a red herring.

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