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Woman's sex act disgusts judge

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Was this HER child, a little unclear as to the relationship. Also, why dismiss other charges if the evidence is CLEAR? Zap her with everything the law has and make sure all the ladies in prison KNOW what she has done, only than will justice come.


We never provide identifying information on sex crime victims. We don't describe how an abuser and victim might be identified, if at all.
I certainly understand your thinking on the plea bargaining. However, if you don't offer any incentives, the accused will always take his or her case to trial. The taxpayer picks up the tab for the prosecution, the defense, the cops, the court, the judge and everything else, including a year or two of jail incarceration, and it can easily run past $100,000 in a major felony case. It could run a quarter of a million.
When the case goes to trial, the accused has an absolute right to confront his or her accuser, even if that means putting a traumatized 4-year-old on the stand. And it may well result in no additional time for all of that expense, delay and trauma.
The long and short of it is, plea bargains are perhaps a necessary evil.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor

troy prouty

posted "The taxpayer picks up the tab for the prosecution, the defense, the cops, the court, the judge and everything else, including a year or two of jail incarceration, and it can easily run past 100,000 in a major felony case. It could run a quarter of a million."


Now wouldn't it be interesting if everyone stopped taking plea deals, and see what would happen to our court system. It would collapse. I'm not sure it can be sustained anyways. It seems we are losing control of it. I don't like the fact that people in measure 11 offenses are three times more likely to be convicted with a public defender than a private lawyer. Makes one wonder what type of represention one gets most of the time. OR the fact that we convict a fair amount of innocent people each year, and just think how many guilty people get off.

Don't get me started. I can write a book about our justice system... it's a mess.

** someone might reply, but it's better than most. ** "yes" but that is still no reason to not fix it! and make it even better...

Troy Prouty*

Michael Tubbs Sr

"....and just think how many guilty people get off."


I view plea agreements on par with any out of court settlement, such as are made between corporate entities and/or people they have,.or may not have harmed. I agree with Steve Bagwell on this one, and I agree with you as well..."...our court system. It would collapse."...without plea agreements. Due process would have to be sped up to a dizzying speed, indeed, and that need for speed would surely be more beneficial to the rich, than to the poor.

It's a tough call, homie.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Personally? I think that deviants such as Ms Wimp should be chained to a pole, then set ablaze in the town square on a Sunday afternoon. No matter the days weather forecast..

troy prouty

I also think people often forget that more times than not the prosecutor adds more charges than they know they can get convictions for in order to establish fear from the defendant in order to get a plea. In fact I would say that is pretty much a standard practice, one I disagree with and wish the State would patrol (make illegal) but they don't. They figure the lawyers will figure it out, or the court system itself if it comes down to it.

So when people see so many charges dropped for a plea for this and that, they need to put in perspective that many times, those additional things; they probably never would have been able to get a conviction in the first place for.

Troy Prouty*


2 words for her once she gets to prison..General Population...justice will be served


Anyone ever think about the costs that are involved and how to lessen those instead of offering pleas? What does a judge get paid? What does a PD get paid? How about the Prosecution? If any and every costs was reviewed and made to be justified, maybe then the pleas could be dropped and the cases could be tried as needed.
The Sitton case for example, which mysteriously is not accepting any comments- was only given a few years for the murder of his own father. This is justice? The plea IS the death of justice, but I blame the outrageous costs of everything entailed. Until we reorganized our priorities and begin to demand reasons for the costs of things people will claim it's a money issue, when in reality, it is a greed issue, at the cost of the victims.

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