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Willamina woman dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound

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Dances with Redwoods

Was the vehicle dark shade of green and did the woman have blond hair?

Paul Daquilante

I don't know with regard to both questions.

The color of the vehicle and a physical description of the woman were not released as part of the Oregon State Police press release.

Paul Daquilante / reporter

Dances with Redwoods

Thank you, Paul. I only ask because my wife and I had noticed a person spending several hours a day (intermittently over the course of a month) parked at the 'kissing rock' turn-out near Valley Junction Hwy/22.

I haven't seen her parked there since Monday or Tuesday of last week.


I always thought that was the "peeing rock"...

Dances with Redwoods

Thank you for bringing me up to speed, silencedogood. And to think that all this time I'd thought my 'Two Drunk Logger Buddies' had something else go'n on back there behind it....LOL....

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