By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Willamina residents protest water non-payment shutoffs

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WOW, is all that comes to mind. Good job City Manager Bob Sivick, for taking responsibility and tightening the city’s collection effort. He was hired to do a job and run it like a business.


Ms. Justen is "outraged" by her treatment and wants to be respected......easy your bills!!

Courtney Terry

It must be so easy to sit behind a computer screen making judgements about people you don't know. I know Ms. Justen personally, and she is a wonderful, kind, community-minded woman who cares about Willamina and the people here. Your "easy solution" just shows a lack of understanding of the complexities of this issue our town is facing, and lack of empathy for anyone who has struggled to pay all their bills on time, especially around the holiday season. This action came as a surprise to many people, and the timing was especially difficult for many. Tagup, I would absolutely invite you to the City Council meeting next Tuesday so you could learn more about this issue, and hear the voices of the people of Willamina on both sides of the issue.


I think the "complexities " are pretty clearly stated by Mr Sivick....a business (even a public utility) needs to have customers pay their bills. I don't doubt that Ms Justen is a good neighbor and friend, but had she paid on time or made arrangements with the water company, we would not be having this conversation. Not sure I understand why paying a recurring monthly bill is more difficult during the holidays......seems like a matter of priorities. There are a number of agencies that can help with utility bills for those that qualify, but it''s certainly not the utility's job to do the legwork....


Living on a farm and managing my own water system has brought a whole new appreciation for good clean water and the benefits of having a public system in place that others manage for you. All you have to do is pay your bill on time. Just turn on the tap and out comes the water. No filters, maintenance, pressure tanks, holding tanks, reverse osmosis systems, etc to worry about. Just pay the bill. If you can't pay then its important to work out a payment system with the utility or use a method for averaging your bills if one is available. The water department doesn't run on needs people to pay for what they use.

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