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Willamina bank robber arrested

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Pretty small stack of bills.


That bit of cash won't keep her in donuts too long, for sure.

skull crusher

You are pretty rude rotwang! Sad that the economy has made some people stoop this low. She must have been desperate. There isn't enough help out there for people these days. Times are tough and though I am not saying it was okay for her to rob a bank, I am thinking she might have had bills to pay. Maybe she got laid off her job and had kids to take care of.


Rotwang you don't know other's troubles! She is going through very hard times. Skull Crusher you are right in your thinking. Her friends are confused at her choice to do this rather than to come to us. Now that she is in jail we are not sure what we can do to help her. All we can say is WTFH!


I cannot believe there are people who are defending this criminal. It does not matter if she had bills to pay or mouths to feed. YOU JUST DO NOT ROB BANKS AS A MEANS OF GETTING MONEY!!!! There are so many avenues to take to get help. Breaking the law is just not one of them!!! I have been down on my luck and needed to pay bills and feed my family. Thank goodness there are systems in place to assist people who are in need. To say that there is not enough help out there is dead wrong!!! There are many many assistant programs out there.


Truly hoping that the ridiculous comments in support of this criminal behavior are merely poorly camouflaged sarcasm that I am just not awake enough to understand.

To support anyone's actions or give them excuses to break our most basic laws is enabling. I will tell you a few things, she is extremely overweight, therefore she at least is not starving, as for any children or family she must support, she should share in the abundance of food wealth. Her coat, assuming she did not steal it, looks like a decent one, no visible wear, holes, or soil, and it seems to fit her well enough suggesting she did not receive a donation, but had the means to buy it as well as her nice white tennis shoes, sunglasses and jeans with little wear, and that oh so not stylish cap. Additionally, one of the picture's shows a very slight smirk on her face, those who are driven to drastic measures based on terrible life circumstances are not smirking, they are sorrowful, their entire bodies revolt at the thought of commiting a crime, yet are torn between a lack of education on how they may look towards outside resources for help.

This looks like a get rich quick scheme which resulted in her picture being plastered all over the internet, and with any luck she will get a lengthy sentence for her blatant disregard of our laws, the safety and well being of others, and for the psychological scars she may have helped to create for those in the bank, if she does have children she should get a few charges for abaondonment as she will be in prison for the choices she FREELY made.

If you support this way of thinking, leave your address on a public forum, leave your doors unlocked and let the criminals come ravage you and YOUR belongings, then we will see what side of the fence you are on.

saddened and confused

We, the family-actual blood related family, are saddened and confused at her actions. We are pissed, disappointed, and DO NOT condone or defend her unfortunate actions. We can only speculate as to why she has chosen to ruin her life and severely scar those of us who love and care for her and even thought that we had known her. Even with depression and hard times, there is no excuse for her actions.
I am sending a request to all of those who intend to cause us-the family- additional humiliation and hardship. Please stop. Please stop driving by and laughing. Please stop pointing and saying �This is a hold up� as you snicker and walk by. Please stop making this loss even harder on our family. If you insist on doing those things, please take those actions to her at the jail. We have done nothing to warrant these ill regarded attacks. We are victims of her actions as well. Please be considerate to those of us who are doing right by our laws.
Have a blessed life!

saddened and confused

Those of you who truly know her family, know how to contact us. We do, whole heartedly appreciate your wanting to reach out to us and welcome it. We do ask for some time to gather our thoughts and know that you all do mean well in your hearts. We feel blessed in that fact that we, the ones she neglected to think about and the ones that helped bring her in, have your support and friendship during this time. Please pray for our family during this hardship as we always have a place in our prayers for yours.
Have a blessed life!


I heard on facebook she was caught so I asked my friend where they heard this since it wasn't in the newspaper... She told me to check the comments on the article and then check the jail roster... There is a woman who looks like her arrested for robbery II.

Silly me, I just check the local news for updates I feel so 90's : (


I was waiting for "breaking news" or some change in the title of the article.


PH50 says, "Thank goodness there are systems in place to assist people who are in need. To say that there is not enough help out there is dead wrong!!! There are many many assistant programs out there."

Really? How very interesting! Can you please specify precisely which programs are available to assist those who are down on their luck, PH50?

Michael Tubbs Sr

The article doesn't make mention whether Angela had brought the (almost) $420.00 along with her when she'd turned herself in. Just curious.


The news about the choices she made is truly a tragedy!! She has a beautiful daughter & an amazing mother that always stood by her side. it's so sad that she made the choice not to ask for the help that she needed and essentially gave up without regard to life long traumatic effects on the loved ones she left behind.


**Gave up on life by making such a poor choice


Montag says, "Really? How very interesting! Can you please specify precisely which programs are available to assist those who are down on their luck, PH50?"

Off the top of my head, unemployment, TANF, SNAP, food banks, churches, Loaves and Fishes, Oregon Health Plan, Worksource Oregon.

I'm sure there are many other but I guess robbing a bank is easier.

skull crusher

Such a sad world we live in. You people (with the exception of CarGodsLady) are pretty hard hearted! I hope you never have financial troubles and feel desperate. And just so you know, the agencies listed above cannot help most of the time. It isn't very easy to get help so, until you have lived her life and walked in her shoes, don't judge her! I don't know this lady at all but, I have been instilled with empathy and compassion. Two things a lot of people lack these days!


Oregon Health Plan ? HAHAHAHAHA! Right.


I don't see how it's being hard hearted to disagree that just because you're down on your luck that's somehow justification to rob a bank. As far as the assistance programs go, if they can't help most of them time maybe we should eliminate them.

Thanks Laurie for your insightful contribution to the discussion. No, I've never needed to attempt to access the Oregon Health Plan so please enlighten me what's so funny. Thanks


There is NEVER EVER a excuse and or understanding Why She Did What She Did- That was Her Choice Obviously- Now I guess the Tax Payer's should understand - SHE WAS DOWN ON HER LUCK - OMG- She has No idea How Bad Life Can Get - and you know What I Could NEVER EVER ROB A DAMN BANK EVER- In the Survaillience Pic Posted SHE IS FLIPPEN SMILING SMURKING - REALLY - NOW SHE WILL NOT BE THE ONLY ONE PAYING FOR THAT CHOICE SHE MADE NOW IS SHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only Sympathy Shown should Be with the Innocent People She Left behind -the Innocent people @ that Bank - Show respect for Them - NOT HER - SHE MADE THE CHOICE AND SHOWN HOW SHE TRUELY FELT ABOUT IT . Measure 11 - Offense - GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ..... GOD SPEED FOR THIS FAMILY .


It is pretty easy for people to sit up on their high horse and judge others without knowing what they are talking about! I find it laughable that you think it is so easy to get help when you need it. To qualify for most of the welfare programs you have to have 0 income and the help you get is a couple hundred in food stamps and a couple hundred in cash. Tell me how you could afford to pay basic living expenses with $400 a month? You only qualify for OHP is you are pregnant or are a child, otherwise you are put into a lottery system for when they have openings. A family that makes minimum wage or a little above will not qualify for unemployment, TANF, SNAP or any of the other programs you claim are easy to get! Did you know that Yamhill County Housing Authority has almost a 3 year waiting list......

I am not saying it is okay to rob a bank or steal to get what you need, but I am sure alot of people think about it. People need to STOP being so ignorant and judgemental and find ways to get things changed so people dont have to resort to stuff like this. Although I am sure it makes you feel good to sit in your bubble and pretend like everyone has the same opportunities and ability to get help when they need it, that way you don't have to do anything to help. Its not easy to work your a** off all your life and still not be able to pay basic living expenses! And whoever said being fat means you have plenty to eat, is EXTREMELY IGNORANT!!

I could go on forever about this, but I would rather use my time to HELP people rather than put them down or sit behind my computer and type stupid comments that have ZERO validity!!

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