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Wildcats are well-positioned for Puget Sound

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Keith McMillan of breaks down the different between the polls and the Regional Rankings very well:

"Before we dig too deep, let's make sure we understand what we're looking at. The regional rankings are compiled individually in each region by an NCAA-appointed subcommittee of coaches, ADs and conference commissioners. The subcommittee (regional advisory committee) meets weekly by teleconference to discuss the rankings long before Wednesday's first public release. Another set of rankings comes next Wednesday and a third set, while not publicly released, is used to help select the field after Week 11’s games are in the books.

Each eight-member subcommitee has two members at the helm who make up part of the eight-person national committee that selects and seeds the playoff field of 32. That selection committee has a set of primary and secondary criteria that it follows to ensure that assembling of the field is based on more than just opinion.

The Top 25 poll (and the coaches poll) is completely unrelated to these rankings and has no influence on playoff selection"

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