By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Wild chase ends when driver runs out of gas

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Nice job, Officer Zimlica. You undoubtedly saved somebody's life. I hope she gets help.

Mark Langlois

She's stupid.

skull crusher

Amy, next time you want to pull this stunt, remember to fill up the gas tank! I'm tired of reading about this girl! Either quit committing crimes or be smart about it!


Calhoun allegedly exited the highway in McMinnville and crossed the Three Mile Lane Bridge at about 60 mph.

Allegedly? She was the one arrested? She was the one driving? No allegedly.

Do they allow inmates sharpie markers for their eyebrows in jail, or is it up to their families to supply them..?

skull crusher

Loving your observation about the eyebrows Manup! lol Funny stuff!

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