Who’s Who Among Yamhill Valley Legal Professionals

In this directory, one of McMinnville’s longtime lawyers says that the rule of law is the very foundation of the liberty that we all enjoy. He’s right, of course. And as our country has grown and matured, so have our laws multiplied. Laws are on the books today that address situations now commonplace — issues and scenarios that did not even exist only decades ago. 

We think that navigating the complex American legal system requires professionals of the high­est caliber. That’s why we’ve put together this directory we’re calling Legal Briefs.

In this registry of local attorneys, you’ll find the cream of the crop among Yamhill Valley legal professionals. Each attorney profiled here has a unique perspective and has traveled his or her own journey to reach the place he or she occupies today. Most of these professionals have legal specialties, distinct areas of the law in which they have specific schooling. All of them have a profound respect for the laws that form the structure of our society today.
Whatever your legal needs, we think the law­yers profiled here are the among the best in the Yamhill Valley, deserving of your business!

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