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Where’s the beef? Dundee’s Riteway Meat closes without notice

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We small farm producers are a pretty tight bunch and there seems to be more to this story than the above article. Jeff and Sharon have done a great disservice to the producers, fair kids and hunters in our community. Their lies and deception about our products that we worked so hard to raise, some possibility rotting in a building with no power, are truly criminal. Whatever is inside those "coolers" now is ruined and rotting on the hook! Some of what we were able to have our customers pick up was ruined. If the equipment is still in there I would be surprised, it has the most value besides the real property. It may not seem like a lot of money to some, but for us its huge, some into the thousands. The real loss is to those animals who gave their lives to feed our families good quality natural products, what a damn shame!!


YamCo Watch
January 31 at 8:43pm · Edited ·

Issue at RiteWay Meats in Dundee. Unsure if a theft in progress or people loading things up.


I was waiting on my deer I havested this fall and the ham, bacon, and sausage from the fair pigs my company purchased from the Yamhill County Fair. I stopped by about a month ago and talked to Sharon. She said my meat was at Dayton Meat she would call my next time she was out there so I could meet her there. I've been doing business with them the last 4 years. I was suprised to hear this. After doing a little research it sounds those of us that were wronged need to call Newberg-Dundee police.

Robert Lee

Might be worth a moment to sign their guest book since their website will still allow orders to be placed.

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