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Western Mennonite teacher arrested

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If this turns out to be true, it is very sad that the people we trust our children to would do these sick, disgusting things and the law should be harsher with people like this.

Michael Tubbs Sr


I agree with you wholeheartedly!, and neither should expense be spared in the process to root-out those that would prey upon our children. All school administrators, teachers, janitors, school bus drivers should be required submit to polygraph exams, and none should be considered as beyond reproach.

Time to start weeding out the pedophiles and deviants from our school system, as well as those that would look the other way. Sandusky and Paterno do come to mind.


@ Mr. Tubbs, Polygraphs are horribly inaccurate, so that is an incredibly bad idea. In fact, there are books and classes you can take to learn how to beat them. I agree that a person who is in a position of power over children needs to have some sort of check they can do though. The problem is that you usually can't tell who is a pedophile, and who isn't.

As a person who has little faith in the justice system to make correct choices, I hope that the truth comes out, and that whichever way that goes it is done justly.


The part of this story that isn't being told is even more disturbing.
The "school staff" who chose to call the police this time, is the same staff
Who chose not to believe female students in the sex-offender's high
School who got up the nerve to report him for being sexually innapropriate
12 YEARS ago. Why is Yoder out on bail?!? This guy has been destroying
Young girls' lives for over a decade, there is no way he should be walking
Around like a free man!! Also, why isn't Derochowski being charged for facilitating it?
He knew about Yoder's "problem" and allowed him to work with young girls anyway!!
If Yoder is finally "going down" then Derochowski should be right behind him.

Michael Tubbs Sr


Concerning polygraph examinations, they are used quite extensively on sex offenders by the State of Oregon. Perhaps if every person that worked for the school system were to have their day to day interactions monitored/recorded both visual & audio stored digitally on servers, that surely would be helpful.

Perhaps Oregonians should push for a law to create such an enhancement. Maybe even go so far as to name that new law 'The leave no Degenerate behind Act'

Just think'n....

Michael Tubbs Sr know, for the kids.


Not sure why this monster is out on bail!


Too bad that many people knew that he had a problem for many years so I agree with MidMacMama on your comments. The administration definitely has their fair share of responsibility in this knowing his background and still employing him. I believe his standards and morals were instilled by new horizons, guess he slipped thru the cracks. The State should use those polygraphs on the rest of the staff, as several grew up together with this guy.


So 12 years ago, he'd have been 17. Maybe we should throw all sexually inappropriate 17 yr old males in jail........ oh wait, there wouldn't be many others left. There's nothing wrong with voicing opinions but this is a newspaper, let's keep it real and keep it to the point. The News Register is a great paper but this is one of the main reasons I hate coming online.


yes it was 12 years ago......and 11.....and 10....and 9.....I think you get the point @ thinkb4type. Might think about practicing your name or know the situation.

skull crusher

itiswhatitis, I too agree with every single thing you wrote here! We need to get rid of all the molesting monsters! Michael Tubbs Sr, you too make excellent points!

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