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Weekend stabbing reported in downtown Mac

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Political Formity

I want to know why police are not cracking down on this? I live off of Burnett and graffiti is popping up on every object!!!

Long time citizen

I was born in newberg and for the last 46 yrs i have lived in mcminnville,about 10 yrs ago graffiti started,all of my children went to school here and are all adults now. This kind of crap happens because parents arent monitoring and could care less what some of thier children do. This is a prime example of what happens to children when thier forgotten.if you dont raise them with honor and respect then they will learn lifes lessons in the hands of criminals.Stop fighting,you fight to take something that isnt yours to take....Whos not right here.....if you want to raise your hand against your brother then go to war and make it count for something.Men teach your sons!, how to be real men! dont come here and destroy this place as you have destroyed the place where you come from,its peaceful and beautiful,close your eyes,and fell whats around you. This is a multi-cultural community with so many awsome people here , if you stopped hateing long enough to feel ,you might just find a good friend in some of them.If you feel like drawing,we have a free community center,stop drawing garbage on our fences and peoples homes.And i do hope our local police department isnt letting any of this crap fall between the cracks.Hmmmmm country folks arent for messing with.Im truely glad to see that people are starting to fight back with home intruders.

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