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We're puppy parents, once again

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So, so sorry to hear of your loss. Believe me, my husband and I know exactly what it feels like. Our last 2 events happened 5 1/2 years and 7 years ago. Our 12 year old lab/chow was diagnosed with a very fast moving cancer and we had to put him down in a matter of 3 weeks time from the diagnosis. Our other lab at that time was 11 years old and we had to put her down a year and a half later. In the middle of all of that, we lost our cat passed, who was just shy of 19 years old.
This was a very difficult time for us.
We now own 4 dachshunds. I am glad to find someone who has the same kind of "fun" mind as I do for dogs names. Only one of ours has a "normal" name. His name is Baxter. He turned 13 this last Christmas Eve. Here is where the fun comes in. Our next doxie is named Carrots...he is 10, then we have Biskits, he is 6 and the last one is Pickles and he is 7. So, don't feel alone with the "funky and oh so cute" names. I love some of the choices you are looking at and can't wait to see pictures of your newest family member.


Oops..."we lost our cat passed" in my previous comment to you. Sorry, that sounds a little ridiculous doesn't it, but I think you know what I was trying to say... :-)

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