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Washington man sentenced in stabbing

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I am Andrews step mom. First of all I am in no way condoning what my son did to Mr. Posey or in any way making what he did ok, I do feel that people need to know the whole story and that Mr. Posey is not just an innocent victim in this! I sat in the courtroom and listened to Mr. Posey's mom and sister say over and over again how Mr. Posey was in the military. That this has affected his life and he will never feel safe again. I do have sympathy for his mom because finding my son like that would be horrible but before he is lifted into saint hood the other side of the story needs to be told. The night before he was stabbed, my sons brother and his friend went to a friends house while they were walking away my nephew thought someone was following him, he turned around and thought that he saw halloween decorations and then he was creeped out so he started running. Mr. Posey chased him and when my nephew fell Mr. Posey beat him up and then began to run after his friend and beat him up too. He also took things from my nephew that did not belong to him! I was always under the impression that when you are a solider that you are suppose to protect the people of the United States not beat them up and rob them. Then after my son was arrested, I was wondering when Mr. Posey was going to also be arrested because the last time I checked it was against the law to beat up a minor, but I found out that he is not going to be held accountable for his actions and his mom works at the courthouse that is intersting! Mrs. Posey you got the justice that you wanted for your son, my son will be in prison for 70 months and he is paying for what he did but My nephew and his friend deserves justice for what your son did to them and I will get that for them! Your son put all of this in motion, had he not made a choice to hurt someone, he would not have gotten hurt! My son is not a monster and your son by far is not the saint you portray him to be!

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