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Veteran Officer to address VA benefits

Veteran Officer to address VA benefits

Wilson said a key part of his job consists of connecting veterans, widows and survivors of veterans with correct information regarding benefit options. Not knowing what benefits are available can be costly, he said.

Just the other day, a veteran came in looking to see if he qualified for any help.

As Wilson reviewed the man's records, he found the man could have saved $1,000 he spent on hearing aides. Wilson said the client was "over the moon" to receive that news that he qualified for VA health benefits.

Marty Attebery, Post 75 commander of the American Legion in Sheridan, agreed too many people are unaware of the benefits to which they are entitled. "Maybe Jerry doesn't have all the answers, but he can tell people how to go about getting them," he said. 

The session is open to the general public and Wilson said he hopes a broad cross section of the community attends to ask questions and get current information.

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