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Utility butting heads with farmer again

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The commission backed Carr initially, but dropped the repayment demand after a state damn safety engineer concluded the dam breach had little if anything to do with the streambank collapse.

Ha, funny. Don't ya hate those damn safety engineers!


I have heard nothing good about this Kem commissioner. Seems he thinks he is running PGE and therefore it's ok to treat locals like $$ signs. Lucian Gunderman is donating his 720 acre farm to Yamhill County someday, he has lived in this community his entire life, and he wants to preserve his land for the good of Yamhill County. Maybe Kem Carr is not a good match for Mac Water & Light. It's a shame, Paul Elias was an outstanding gentleman.

Average Joe

This is not about Kem Carr, who is an outstanding General Manager with a proven history of honest and dedicated service. This is about bringing current procedures (regarding Mr. Gunderman’s generation facility) in line with the Commission approved contract. It was Kem’s leadership that encouraged finding a solution that would benefit all parties.

Yes, Mr. Gunderman is a valued customer who has made a significant contribution to the community, however, pursuing a fair and honest solution does not make Kem Carr a bad General Manager.

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