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US charges 6 with selling Ore. medical marijuana

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You morons (government) allow these people to grow, establish no true conduct or ways to monitor other than a search warrant, and expect this not to happen? Kudos to the task force that brought these guys down, but in reality another one just sprang up.

I do not understand why, if you insist on allowing this drug to be used for patients why there are not more strict laws surrounding a grow and to whom it supplies or why not have an outside company be a supplier. Yes, it might cost a bit more, but you wouldn't have every drug addict in the state running a grow in the name of medical treatment.

Yeah, I am anti drug, not anti medical use, but it is just ridiculous who can get a card. Until some clear boundaries are in place regarding the distribution of those cards this should have never ever been allowed.


What is equally is as stupid as the process the government uses to enforce the law is the fact that there is a law at all. Why can't an adult, medical or not, have marijuana? It has been around a long enough time for the jury to decide that marijuana use doesn't hurt anyone, especially adults. You are telling me, someone that is college educated, that I cannot enjoy something that comes from the earth, with very little processing, but I can go to a doctor and get any pain killer, sleep or anxiety medicine or booze without any problems. Look at the statistics on what does more harm... pills, booze or marijuana. I will leave that open for those without a completely closed mind to do.


"Yeah, I am anti drug, not anti medical use."

Law is law, and until it is legal, I stand behind my beliefs. If it were made legal for any adult, I still would not partake, but at least then I could have tolerance for those who choose to, but at this point, unless you have a card it is still illegal, therefore I expect that proper measures are taken to avoid the above scenarios.

Just because it is not processed (depending on the source) doesn't mean it is a safe alternative. I choose to surround myself with those who choose not to use mind altering substances for recreation, again honest medicinal use is another thing altogether.

You like it, that's fine, but given the laws at this point, these above scenarios are just intolerable and I am thankful to our police forces that attack growers like this in an effort to keep children and adults in my neighborhood safe.

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