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UPDATED: Dundee family dead in apparent murder-suicide

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How selfish. To wake up on the 4th of July and decide that your own children - your flesh-and-blood - had lived long enough and today was the day they would die. Incredibly self-centered, what a horrific monster. I don't care what anybody wants to say about what 'nice guy' Jeff is/was/could have been. He murdered his adolescent children. They didn't even get to finish school, fulfill dreams, fall in love, have children.

soccer mom

Indeed you are so right. SELFISH! I am sure there is a family that is mourning this person, and I am so sorry to the family. The greater loss is the innocent children and their mother who obviously was trying to get away


Judge Tichenor - not that this incident is your fault, because this horribly disturbed man pulled the trigger, but is this enough evidence now? A family and judicial tragedy.


I too agree. How selfish of this man to take his entire families life. Who in their right mind could kill there children. What I most disappointed in is our Justice System. I am sure that Judge Tichenor was following the law, but I hope that he can sleep at night, knowing that he allowed this man to do what he did. jeff sargent said it all. Is this enough evidence for you now Judge Tichenor> Perhaps paint thinner will get the blood off your hands...

skull crusher

The best posting here so far came from Baffled. All the rest of you must know the whole story and all the facts. While I agree this was tragic, and I myself wouldn't choose to ever kill my family under any circumstance, I feel there is much more to this story than anybody realizes. My heart goes out to all the families.


@skull crusher - Actually, the other posters have it right. I know for a fact that this man was controlling and jealous, and not only killed his family, but also took a photo of his wife AFTER he killed her and sent it to a private facebook group filled with her friends. These friends all saw this horrible photo (which prompted the call to the cops, not the public facebook post the news outlets are claiming.) He did this to show people he "blamed" for her filing for divorce, to hurt them. Many of these friends will now be forever traumatized not only by his actions in killing Amy and her children, but also by being forced to view her after he shot her. This pretty much personifies a selfish individual, I think.

skull crusher

Must be hard to have all the answers Casper20. I feel bad for the families involved. I don't understand why people shoot others who file for divorce. He could've found another woman to love I am sure. It sucks that he was controlling. I don't think he should've shot his kids either. About taking a pic of his wife after he killed her, that is not what I would've chose to do. That seems a little nuts to me. I'm not God so therefore, it is not my place to judge this man. May they all rest in peace. This was a tragedy that could've been avoided.


So....skull crusher....people who have posted here shouldn't judge the FACT that this man selfishly shot his children and their mother - but it's okay for you to judge us as being oh, I don't know, hysterical, or missing some...esoterical....thing that you haven't defined. Like I said above - I don't care what anybody says about the killer - he's a murderer. HE TOOK A PHOTO OF HER BLOODY, DEAD BODY AND SENT IT TO HER FACEBOOK FRIENDS. Do you understand now?

skull crusher

bamadrmz, I stated that I was not God so it is not my place to judge. If you wanna be God and judge, be my guest. I addressed the sending of the bloody body picture already. I don't condone that. In fact I think this guy must've been a bit warped. You need to get your facts straight and learn to read before you start responding to people who post on these articles bamadrmz!


I'm gonna miss you Bailey. I know we only knew each other through water polo, but I still feel like I knew you really well. My dad told me that my dad saw your mom at Fred Meyer's an hour before she died. I'm sorry for what your dad did. You didn't deserve to pass on to Heaven yet. I will miss you terribly, and I will miss your smiling face. I remember when we first met in basketball. We were put on the same team. I remember how you talked so funny. You had a small high pitched voice and you were taller than the whole team. I always talked about how funny your voice sounded, never realizing it could come to this. I hope you feel special Coach Engells. R.I.P Bailey Engells. (I love you!) :'(

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