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UPDATE: Search continues for missing McMinnville man

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"I want to be the one to walk him out of the woods and to an ambulance," Sgt. Brian Young......well, aren't we selfish? or do you need to be the hero? Isn't what's important here that SOMEONE find him, even if it isn't you? geez


Wow, maybe you should focus on the story instead of the semantics of someone who is trying to express a sincere desire to find this missing person...


i kinda agree with Zak I mean, "I WANT TO BE THE ONE" doesn't sound like a teamplayer, how about WE WANT TO FIND HIM? and that is part of the story, Zak is entitled to his opinion.

Zak, YES, what is important is that SOMEONE find him, and I really hope they do.


I guess what I mean is, it's not a competition, it's a team effort to find this young man and hopefully not too late, good luck EVERYONE, I am sure the family appreciates everyone's help.

Dances with Redwoods

He'd either died due to hypothermia or has been couch surfing since night 1.

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