Umatilla County Sheriff's office spread thin

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Should this really be advertised? I mean it's the perfect place for a criminal to show up and plan a bank robbery, home robbery, or something even worse. What a horrible situation!

Dances with Redwoods

Of course it should be, Roxy.

Do you not want to know the truth and live under some illusion ..or.. know reality?


People don't like reality and or the truth. Reality has consequenses...If people know reality or the truth, they feel obligated to do something about it or guilty about not doing anything about it.


I guess a situation like that leaves one to handle a problem the best way they can. Without any responce from law enforcement, could one be proseccuted for doing the job of an unavailable enforcement officer. If a scared victim shot the perp for being in his/her barn attempting to run off with several thousand dollars worth of their personal property possibly never to be seen again. What would you do?

Dances with Redwoods

"What would you do?"

I'd project reality, and not be at all stingy about it. That's what I will do. And you?.


When you say "Stingy", what is that?

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